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Everything about an original Website Design is better than templete website designs that dramatically reduce your SEO abilities.

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Many people have a website that may look nice, but never realize that Search Engine Optimization and ADA Compliance are major components of building a website.

Template websites that you purchase and set up with Wix, WordPress or other website Template companies are often highly deficient in allowing you to properly optimize your website for Search Engine Ranking Position. In fact, often times how your website is developed may fight against your external SEO efforts.

We develop custom design websites with the proper Search Engine Optimization built into the website, and then check your websites SEO Score to ensure your website is built properly, the first time.

If you like a certain look of a website that you have visited, we can emulate that website look, structure, and most of the features. We say most of the features because many template website based platforms use "plug-ins" that can actually slow your website down, use a mountain of code that  hurts your text to code ratio, creates a website that is to large in written code, and makes it nearly impossible to rank well in the search engines.

What we can often do is find an alternative method of achieving the emulation of website functions without the mountain of code that hinders your website SEO efforts.

ADA Compliance is an area that has received a great deal of attention in recent years as government municipalities and  local businesses have been sued for their websites non-compliance (or lack of accessibility) regarding certain disabilities, such as for the blind or deaf. Some companies make becoming ADA Compliant seem like it is a major project, when in reality knowing what discrepancies to look for, the problems can be corrected with simply code to existing elements in your website.

If you want a website that looks great, functions effectively and efficiently, and has premium internal Search Engine Optimization built into your website, CALL US TODAY!!!

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...Beleiving that getting a lot of backlinks to your website is the key to climbing up Google's Search Engine Rankings.

The most important part of Website Search Engine Optimization is your "Internal Website Optimization."

The "Internal Website SEO" is the first thing that Google and other search engines reference in determining if a website is worthy of ranking high in the search engines. And yet, "Internal Website SEO" is often the most neglected aspect of most websites SEO Strategy.


...Beleiving that getting a lot of backlinks to your website is the key to climbing up Google's Search Engine Rankings.

The type & quality of backlinks is much more important than the amount of backlinks you get.

Google and other search engines have made an intentional move to penalize websites with backlinks that are not "white hat." Backlinks should be in a natural form... meaning, the backlink should make sense, instead of just getting a link from anywhere.