Progressive Mobile APP Design

Progressive Mobile APPs have been the fastest growing digital platform for local businesses. So much so, that Google, Microsoft and Apple are now aggressively pushing progressive APPs over Native APPs.

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What Is A Progressive Mobile APP?

A Progressive Mobile APP (PMA) is also commonly called a Progressive Web APP (PWA). For the purposes of this website, all references will be called "Progressive Mobile APP" (PMA).

Progressive Mobile APPs:

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Cost for a Progressive Mobile APP

We only charge a one time fee of $250.00 for the development of your Progressive Mobile APP, and typically have your Mobile APP completed and live within a matter of hours.

The only additional fee for your Progressive Mobile APP, is an annual "hosting, maintenance, modification & upgrade" fee of $100.00 per year, which will not begin until the following years first day of the corresponding calendar quarter ... Such as January 1st • April 1st • July 1st • or October 1st.

The annual fee covers all "hosting, maintenance, updates, modifications & upgrades" during the calendar year.

What is a Native APP?

NATIVE APPs: To fully understand what a Progressive Mobile APP is, you must also know what a Native APP is.

A "Native APP" is an APP that downloads all of the APP files on your smart-phone and runs on your smart-phone's operating system. Native APPs take up a lot of storage space and often fall victim to the need to be deleted when the smart-phone user needs to save storage space or make room to download additional APPs. Native APPs are also extremely expensive to make because the same APP must be designed multiple times to accommodate and work on each smart-phone type, model, screen size, and operating system. Many people are also weary of Native APPs because they are concerned about tracking and privacy issues written into the code for data harvesting.

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...Beleiving that getting a lot of backlinks to your website is the key to climbing up Google's Search Engine Rankings.

The most important part of Website Search Engine Optimization is your "Internal Website Optimization."

The "Internal Website SEO" is the first thing that Google and other search engines reference in determining if a website is worthy of ranking high in the search engines. And yet, "Internal Website SEO" is often the most neglected aspect of most websites SEO Strategy.


...Beleiving that getting a lot of backlinks to your website is the key to climbing up Google's Search Engine Rankings.

The type & quality of backlinks is much more important than the amount of backlinks you get.

Google and other search engines have made an intentional move to penalize websites with backlinks that are not "white hat." Backlinks should be in a natural form... meaning, the backlink should make sense, instead of just getting a link from anywhere.